The basics. Wise words from Marco Pierre White. Learn how to cook breakfast. Cute, you dropped eggs on hot oil. #IDontEatEggsButMyFutureBaeDoes #VegetarianProblems

Nick Greer #Raw #Pores #Houston #StereoLive

Happy Birthday @youngkrizzle . Representing the south & hip hop in the best way. 1986! Thas my born year :D #BigKRIT

How I feel & how I look are always different. Listening to #BMTH ready for the night. I’m loving these lyrics: “Don’t say I’m better off dead because heaven’s full and hell won’t have me. Won’t you make some room in your bed? Well you could lock me up in your heart and throw away the key. Won’t you take me out of my head. I’m just a would’ve been, could’ve been, should’ve been, never was and never ever will be” - Bring Me The Horizon