Happy Easter. Painted these the other day. #Stewie #FamilyGuy @sethmacfarlane

Came to support Brandon Calhoun @eclectic_being Great artist. #Art #Houston (at BeHUMAN Gallery)

What a day. 20 years ago today my idol released his first album. We may not agree on much in the hip hop world except how this is one of the greatest albums, period. 10 tracks, timeless classic. Listen to it today, enjoy it, relive it. Notice the relevance two decades later. I’ve said it before but his music changed and guided my life during the darkest times. I’m proud of many things in my life. Two of them would be having Illmatic inked on me, the 2nd knowing I had my first glass of #Hennessy with this man. @nasnyc #Nas #Illmatic #XX #HipHop #IllmaticXX

@devindude420 #DevinTheDude #Houston #420 (at Warehouse Live)